Photo Friday: Autumn


Seeing her this young makes my ovaries hurt.  I mean look at that itty bitty nose and mouth.

What you don’t see is that 3 seconds after this photo was taken, that leaf was in her mouth.  My guess is at least 6 dogs pee’d on it before it ended up there.  I’m still astonished she made it to 4.

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4 responses to “Photo Friday: Autumn

  1. That is a precious picture. and, often I have the same problem when I see photos of my kids when they are little…however they are now teenagers so the thought of new little ones….eck!!!!!! I am waaaayyyyy ttoooooo old and I do believe that by now my ovaries are fairly shriveled! LOL

  2. So cute. Peed leaves and all…if I had functional ovaries, I bet they’d be achin’ too.

  3. I have total baby lust right now. I’m glad Eric is fixed.

    SO CUTE.

  4. I totally agree w/ Alissa. If Bob wasn’t fixed I’d go make a baby RIGHT NOW! This picture is beautiful!

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