Day 2 & Photo Friday: Iconic


Get it EYE-conic!!!  Huh? Huh? (elbow in the ribs type action)

There you have it, (almost) 33 yrs of hard core wrinkles caused by lots of mischevious and socially unacceptable behavior.

I’ve had fun.

Soundtrack of the Day: Classic Elton John.  Think Tiny Dancer on repeat.

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6 responses to “Day 2 & Photo Friday: Iconic

  1. That’s a real knee-slapper! Hardee-har-har!

    I love you. I’m going to go send you a valentine on Facebook now.

  2. Kara

    I don’t see any wrinkles!! I feel like I have just seen my first lines on my face this past week. I am sure they have been there, but something about turning a year older makes me notice them. Those good times just may be worth some wrinkles though!!!

  3. Wrinkles. Shmrinkles. You look fantastic. Not many women could take that nice of a close-up, let alone of themselves…

  4. You’re a hot bitch and you know it.
    I love Elton so much but am so heartbroken over him right now. ELton and Billy are coming to the Cleve in May and I tried to get tix but they sold out. I am bummed. Hold me closer tiny dancer…..

  5. Your freckles are very cute!

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